Inner Peace

Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Art

Inner peace is an integral part of our mind that affects many sides of human life. Inner peace is regarded as a state when a person mentally and physically at peace and possesses enough knowledge and understanding that keeps oneself calm and strong during tense times. Moreover, a state of inner peace is independent of external conditions and events, hence it can be regarded as acceptance of yourself and everything that happens in life. It means knowing yourself and what you are capable of. When one reaches inner peace, the person fully accepts circumstances and does not waste time, energy, and attention on unimportant and meaningless thoughts.

The principal task of these designed works is to present the audience what inner peace is, and provide efficient instructions that can make the audience more aware of this phenomenon. These tips will be also helpful for those who are going to study this issue more deeply, or they can be used as guidance on how to find inner harmony and peace.